Search engine optimization word came into behavior when data exchange by server was saved by browsers in history and computer, that time first priority was given to words search before, so it was very great and progressive idea for engineers in the field of internet to make a site visible and top on any search engine, then the name came into behavior SEO (search engine optimization).SEO works on the content available on any site in the form of topic, headlines, header and fodders, because useful word always used by peoples many times a day, then search engine always give the first position to top searches content or word used.SEO target best search result which have higher ranking between searches browsers, if data is in manner  then SEO work on it to became on top most level, It work on phrases and keyword used on any site and show best result, it use web content and keyword for best result.


For a business purpose we always trying that people know us and our business grow up but we don’t know that how it would be possible, nice content and keyword website can do it, because SEO gives priority to top rated content in searching and keyword those are in trend.

SEO search for topic like image, videos, news etc. because a program or algorithm takes part in ranking of keyword and gives best result.

Search engine optimization is important to stable in top most position in search engine, we need to improve our keywords and phrases time to time and top rated sites always follow seo methodology to become on top position, top search engine gives index problem if seo is not in proper way.

Advantages of search engine optimization

  1. Best solution to increase ranking of sites.
  2. Best writing idea for content.
  3. Chances of high traffic for any site.
  4. Best content in it increase speed of optimization.

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