In present day’s business can grow rapidly if their products have customer demand, so for product a demand can be created by marketing. Smart marketing have chances to increase product demand. Digital marketing is a part of marketing; this is successful with the help of internet and application work together.

How digital marketing work?

This marketing is based on the internet, and some application is necessary to display any advertisement otherwise it can’t be done, digital marketing are operated by some agencies.

In digital marketing some advertise displayed on the screen with the help of banners and pop-up window, if any customer need that particular product can click on link and follow instructions.

Too aware about a product is difficult task for every person so if they want to increase market demand of that particular product, so they choose digital marketing for that purpose because this is latest technology today.

Advertise agency are very important if anybody want to public their product , in present days digital marketing is successful ,because rapid consumer demand for any product will be there, name of  time saving is digital marketing because more audience can be covered in less time .

How we shell a product is very difficult task for every person, if peoples are not aware about product then how it’s possible they buy it,

Web, social media and mobile are under digital marketing

Web- this marketing will be done if we monetize a web addresses for advertisement and user access these sites.

Social media- some social interface place like (Facebook, WhatsApp , Intagram , twitter ) are used for advertisement.

Mobile- mobiles are also used for advertisement, likes apps use push message and notification and some cleaner and some sharing app show advertisement.

Email- electronic mail is also a type of digital marketing in which some companies send emails to person with regarding their product.

Benefits of digital marketing are-

  1. Publicity of product is reliable.
  2. Low cost of advertisement.
  3. It is based on latest technology.
  4. Maximum audience can be aware.
  5. Digital marketing target high traffic sites, where many peoples spend their time.
  6. It is based on internet so easy to publish with audience.
  7. Mobiles have vital role in digital advertising.
  8. In digital marketing data can be shared with others for a purpose of advertisement.
  9. Higher rate of publicity always increase product demand.
  10. In less time we cover more audience due to online marketing.


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